Our Staff

jill and jodee

Name : Jodee Barks and Jill Yates

Our Story:

We are sisters who both successfully quit smoking using electronic cigarettes and wanted to be able to help others quit also.  We initially started this business out of our homes in April of 2013. Our business grew very fast and we decided it was time to open a storefront.  Collinsville has been home to Mystic Vapes since October 2013.  Our Collinsville store has been hugely successful and it very soon became apparent that there was no more room to expand there!  After many months of searching for the right location, we decided to open our second location off of Hwy 50 in O’Fallon, IL.

Favorite part of our job: “We love being able to help our customers make the switch to vaping and the success stories that we hear on a daily basis is what this business is all about.  Customer service is key to us and we have many great employees who help us provide that!”

Name : Mike

mystic mikeMy Story:

I quit smoking on Dec 30, 2013 with  the help of a MVP 1.0.. After trying everything offered from patches, gum, chantix (Worst experience of my life by the way) and gas station ecigs, I finally quit after buying a new set up from Mystic. I was so impressed with the how fast I got over cigarettes that I started working part time at Mystic. After some time I was offered a full time job with the company. Thus began the life as Mystic Mike. I’ve spent many countless hours researching vaping and all that goes with it. Learning everything I can so that I can answer any and all questions that are posed to me.

Favorite part of my job:  I guess my favorite part of working here is watching the journey our customers make while transitioning from cigs to vapes. Seeing people evolve past the cigarettes never gets old. I meet so many people and have become the one that so many look to for advise on so many areas of vaping. Whether it be starter kits or advanced coil building. I enjoy all the questions that get brought to me from customers. So feel free to try and stump me. I welcome the challenge. I’m here to help all of our customers. if the 1st thing doesn’t work stay vigilant and let figure out the winning combination. I won’t quit on you, so don’t quit on us.

My advice to new and old vapors:  Get involved with Vape advocacy. You have to fight for your right to vape before they try and take it away. We are the front line of this fight. If we stay united , we will continue to enjoy vaping in the future. For that one person who thinks that 1 person can’t make a difference, you could very well be the deciding factor in this fight. So get involved now. #CigaretteFreeAmerica

Name : Isaac

My story:

I quit smoking August 17, 2014. I was up to about 2 packs of cowboy killers a day. I was in a local gas station picking up a pack of smokes until the cashier said “that will be$7.42.” only brought $6.00 because i didn’t think they could get any more expensive, but they did. Overnight. So as i was on my way to the bank, i passed Mystic Vapes, quickly made a U-turn because why not, it couldn’t be any more than a pack of smokes.

Its been two years now, and i would never look back. i spend less than $15 a week (now mind that i build my own coils and only vape Brass Monkey, Mystics Finest Bananas foster) as opposed to the $15 dollars a day I was spending. I pitched the coffin nails for a Kanger Subbox mini kit, with Kings Custard 6mg. And after Months of excellent Service and persistent questioning, I was offered a Position on the Mystic team when the O’fallon location opened.

Its been 2 years now, and I LOVE MY JOB. Getting to help people find a better alternative to smoking the same way I was is extremely rewarding. There are some many more options to choose from than there was when i first started, and it can be overwhelming to a newcomer. But i promise its not as complicated  as it looks (you can’t light these backwards!). There is a setup for everyone, from the occasional smoker, to a full blown hobbyist. Everything you need is just beyond these doors, stop by take a look around, ask a few questions, Here at Mystic we are eagerly awaiting to assist you. #notblowingsmoke #CAASA .